Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Eagle Has Landed

Meet Eddie!

On Monday19th March we took delivery of our Broadway Autosleeper, now to be affectionately known as Eddie. His reg is HX12KFU .

Our first night camp was at  Mill Avon Campsite  Tewkesbury which is a stone's throw from the Marquis Motorhome dealership where we had  received a two hour induction course on all the gadgets and gizmos. So why did I get a cold shower in the morning Pete! I don't think full attention was being given on the use of the boiler.

I can report that whilst the temperature at night was 4 degrees we had a warm night with our new Duvaley sleeping covers. There is a vast improvement on the heating system and insulation since our last Motorhome 10 years ago. So we have no excuse that it is too cold if above 4 degrees.

The kitchen equipment  was only tested as far as a cup of tea and micowaved oats for breakfast. We resorted to The Bell pub for dinner as it was a shame to use the brand new clean oven. Not sure how long I can get away with that excuse!

Anyway here endeth the first posting and hope to be able to report on many happy holidays with some good weather thrown in.

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