Thursday, 7 June 2012

Mull of Galloway

New England Bay Caravan Club Site: 22nd - 26th May 2012

From Powfoot we bid farewell to the Pringles who were heading further North and went East along the Solway for about 2.5 hours to the Southern most part of Scotland.

This is not a place that gets passing trade so I was really quite surprised it was so busy for midweek during term time. A practical demonstration of national demographics, there are a lot of "retirees" and a lot of them have caravans and Motorhomes. And like us they would rather have a quiet break when the kids are in school.

This is quite a big site with 159 pitches so it was by no means crowded but it was probably a third full or more. Don't get me wrong though it was still very peaceful and our luck with the weather continued. We had booked in for 3 nights but we liked it so much we stayed an extra night.

There was plenty of wildlife right outside the Motorhome with Rabbits and birds and along the seashore there were Shorebirds, Gannets and Sandwich Terns.

Another great pitch.

Our View

Self portrait (Pete)

Snowy the Albino baby Rabbit

He looked like a pet rabbit from the pet shop but he was a genuine wild Albino Rabbit and he lived behind our Motorhome! I must have taken over 100 pictures.



Common Lizard
I've not seen one of these before. Small and fast, well spotted Lorraine

Ringed Plover

RSPB Mull of Galloway

We went on an excursion one day taking a drive the 5 miles or so to the RSPB reserve ( at the southern tip of Mull of Galloway) along single track windy roads which was fun. Only slight problem was that there was a sea mist coming off the Atlantic which engulfed most of the reserve so we couldn't see Ireland or Isle of Man which are both very close (apparently).

We were hoping to see Puffins but were warned by the warder that there were not very many about and only really visible at sea. Despite all this we had a good time and saw some interesting stuff including Gannets, Guillemots and Razorbills.

Driving back to the camp site we soon left the eerie foggy conditions and were back to a very hot sunny day but you could see the headland from the camp site and I it remained shrouded in fog all day.

Might be an idea to put that light on !

Foghorn....could be useful. Oh , not working anymore!

You wont see many Puffins in these parts...

...But what is this far below the cliffs.
(spotted by Eagle-eyed Lorraine)


Tiger Moth Caterpillar
another great spot by Lorraine

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